What is DDEX?

DDEX (Digital Data Exchange, typically pronounced “Dee-Dex”) is a consortium of leading media companies, music licensing organisations, digital music service providers and technical intermediaries focused on creating standards for use by businesses in the digital media supply chain.
Adoption of the standards improves efficiency, reduces cost and generates higher revenues for all businesses operating in this market. (For more information on DDEX, please click on this link )

(S)FTP Account

All DDEX uploads to Kanjian are done via (S)FTP.
Please, contact us at customer@kanjian.com and request an (S)FTP account.

Downloading an (S)FTP Client

If you’re not familiar with an (S)FTP client, please follow the instructions at:


(S)FTP Folder Structure

A complete upload includes one batch folder and several package folders.
A batch is a collection of packages arranged into a particular directory structure.
The batch folder consists of a date and a serial number.
A package is a folder containing all these assets and the metadata for each album.

File Formats

Album Cover files can be uploaded in .jpg formats and must be at least 3000×3000 pixels.
Audio files can be uploaded in .wav or .flac, lossless formats.
XML metadata files should be UTF-8 encoded.

Creating the ERN

The ERN is an XML document conforming to the DDEX schema.
Any DDEX metadata XML should have the following high-level elements:

  • MessageHeader – containing several mandatory fields to make the DDEX valid.
  • ResourceList – containing the Sound Recording and Image elements that describe audio file and the cover.
  • ReleaseList – containing a Release element for each album or track intended for independent sale.
  • DealList – containing a Release Deal for each Release element in the Release List, describing the release.

Message Header

The message header for your DDEX document should be typed as follows:

Resource List

The resource list should include the image resource (describing the album cover) and sound recording resources (describing the audio files).

Sound Recording


Release List

The release list should include the album release and track releases.

Deal List

The deal list should include release deals for each release.

DDEX Integration Sample

Still have some doubts? Please, download a sample here