XYZ Music: Germany’s largest record company now in Asia

With the start of 2017, KANJIAN Music and Germany’s top record company ZYX (ZYX Music) have developed a strategic partnership, which will make ZYX’s catalog available through the KANJIAN’s Star Distribution network.

ZYX Music is headquartered in Merleberg, Germany, founded by Bernhard Mikulski in 1971 and currently has offices in North America and Europe. Since its establishment, ZYX has released more than 10,000 albums worldwide, and has 67 sub-music labels.

In Billboad magazine’s special report, ZYX for 8 weeks ranked first, the whole of Europe TOP 50 in 11 works from ZYX, and even TOP 5 in there are three, the market share of up to 18.71% in the early 90s, ZYX’s annual output value has more than billions of dollars, is the history of Germany recognized the largest record company, is also Europe’s hottest big record company.

Whether it is the mainland or Hong Kong and Taiwan, or Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea, since the 1980s on the world, are very unusual with an era, because it is Disco (disco) swept the world, Disco is also representative The best music of that era. As Europe’s most famous veteran crack, ZYX in that era has become the leading brand of music, one of the most famous is to lead the global “Italo disco” boom.

ZYX in the early 80s in addition to the Disco, House, Synth-Pop and other electronic music in the global distribution and promotion, but also the integration of the popular European dance music, the world first proposed the “Italo Disco” concept, and then released a large number Italo Disco style music compilation, leading the world’s “Dutch Dike” boom, not only in the past 20 years the birth of the “Alex F” “Dragostea Din Tei” and other numerous familiar works, but also the early 21st century pop singer Such as Kylie Minogue, Groove Coverage, etc. provide a lot of creative inspiration.

In recent years, the popular “little apples” and other similar music great success, but also benefit from the 80’s Italo Disco on the global public’s music, and “little apple” style, it is borrowed from the style of Italo Disco. ZYX is still digging 70-80 years of high quality Italo Disco music and released the mix every year, to keep the classic dance in the 21st century endless.

In addition to the classic electronic music, ZYX also covers popular, hip-hop, rock, funk and other musical styles, including not only Billie Holliday, Duke of Ellington and other classic music master, also joined the world’s leading symphony orchestra, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and other classical masters of the works to re-issue.

Has now been through the “planet release” officially settled in Asia, ZYX artists have (part of the introduction).

This partnership further strengthens the influence of “planet release” in the field of international music copyright and builds the world’s leading music copyright three-dimensional ecosystem through its own high-quality automated distribution, data statistics and settlement capabilities, , As the music copyright industry benchmark.